The Page of Random Lists


Top Ten Actual Bad Lines Used to Try to Pick me Up:
10: What is that sandwich? Salami? I Got Salami for you...
9: My Girlfreind even thinks you're pretty hot.
8: People Tell Me I kind of Look Like Tom Cruise but not short and gay.
7: Hey, Mami...Borriqua???
6: You're only ordering Soda? I Have soda in my apartment. Soda tastes much better in my apartment...
5: You like that show Oz? Cool. I was in prison.
4: Yeah but I figured you can be a Bitch if You got good Tits.
3: I am the candyman baby, and you is miss Georgia peaches DAMN!
2: You look just like my mother when she was young, and all men are attracted to their mothers...
And #1, said to me by an eleven year old boy on his bike:
You wanna come home with me? I got pegs.

A Good Theoretical Nookie Mix:
10: I'm Your Man-Leonard Cohen
9: Man's World-James Brown
8: Closer-Nine Inch Nails
7: Queer-Garbage
6: Starve-Rollins Band
5: Angry Johnny-Poe
4: Peel Me a Grape-Diana Krall
3: Your Flesh is so Nice-Jeff Buckley
2: You're Lost Little Girl-The Doors
1: Edge of the World-Faith No More
Sex is Violent/Nothing's Shocking-Jane's Addiction
Five to One-The Doors
Happiness is a Warm Gun-The Beatles

Convienences Made into Very Difficult Projects by Martha Stewart:
Lip Balm
Twine and Twine Dispensers
Envelopes (???!!!!)
Black Pepper
Bread and Toast
Sweater Drying
Peanut Butter