D.O.B. : O8/02/76
Sign: Leo born in the Year of the Dragon
Hair: Brown (most of the time)
Eyes: Vaguely Evil Red-Brown
Height: 5'4"- (add four inches of shoe)
Weight: 127

Food: Japanese, Italian, Indian,Tibetan, Thai (but not things in feet-sauce)
Basque, Creole, Soul Food (I Like it, My thighs do not)
Ethopian, Nepalese, Senegalese food, Falafel and Tahini
French, Spanish,  Japanese Milkbread covered in Evaporated Milk. Sour Apple Blow Pops, Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies
(generally any green food I can get my hands on), meltykisses,
Chana Masala,
Neuhaus Strawberry Truffles, Godiva Key Lime Truffles,
Unbeleivable Ummy LaNonna Omelet of Ecstasty

Music: Old School New York Punk! Disco, Blues
  Arena Rock, Glam Rock, Soul (gut wrenching soul)
Show Music, Late 60's trippy music, Mexican Mission Music
Jazz, Lounge Music, Garage Metal, Big Band,Santeria Music.
My Own Dulcet Tones in the shower

Artists (Music): Lou Reed, Ella, Leonard Cohen,
         John Coltrane, Culture Club, the Doors, Van Halen, Vaganza,
Peter Tosh, Old Motown, Fatboy Slim, Greatful Dead,
Jimi, Janis, Stevie Wonder,Lightenin' Hopkins, Rammestein, Type O, White Zombie
Queen, the Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Wagner, Thicke, Talking Heads, New York Dolls,
Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker, P.M.Dawn, Tool(when I feel unladylike)
Tori Amos, L7, Morphine, the Beatles, G'N'R, the Cure, Bird and Diz, Shoe Suede Blues,
the Misfits,Tim Buckley, James Brown, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding, Etta James,
Booker T, Muddy Waters,Alice in Chains, Jefferson Airplane, PJ Harvey
New Radicals, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Sabbath, Al Green, FNM,
The Undead, Sarah Vaughn, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington,
Garbage, Jeff Buckley, the Pretenders, Mahalia Jackson

Authors: Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Rilke, Adam Wiesen,
Jane Austen, Josephine Hart, John Updike, P.G. Wodehouse
Dorothy Parker, Peter Straub, Henry Rollins,
Emily Dickinson, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Scott Adams,
P.D. James, J.D. Salinger, Peter David, Issac Asimov,
Lord Byron, Ray Bradbury, Vladimir Nabokov, W.H. Auden, William Butler Yeats

Movies: (favorites of all time, to date)
Jaws, Chopper, Times Square, The Crow, The Stepford Wives,
the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Mommie Dearest,
Enter the Dragon, What's Up, Tiger Lily?,
Heavy Metal, Schindler's List, Thin Red Line,
To Sir, With Love, Deliverance, Black Hawk Down
Adrian Lyne's Lolita, Live Nude Girls,
And the Band Played on,Apocalypse Now,
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Suspiria, Das Boot, the Shining,American Pimp
Any Sean Connery Bond,Platoon, Crouching Tiger, Diner
All the Star Trek movies, Heathers,The Wild Saragossa Sea
The Exorcist, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,
Amelie, SPIDER-MAN!!!!!
GoodFellas, A Clockwork Orange,Nightmare Before Christmas,
The Handmaid's Tale, Natural Born Killers, Crying Freeman
Some Kind of Wonderful, Edward Scissorhands,
Before Night Falls, O Brother, The Mack, Willie Dynamite
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Club of the Discarded,
Lovely, Last Tango in Paris, Grease, Full Metal Jacket,
The Warriors, Best in Show, Brazil

Television Shows: Red Dwarf, Law & Order and all its Children,
V, The Simpsons, S&tC
Any Sid and Marty Krofft, The Osbournes
SNL, South Park, St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues,
BlackAdder, The Young Ones, Homicide,
The Golden Girls (Don't Ask), Six Feet Under, Alive TV,
Animaniacs, Oz, Egg, Star Trek: TNG
Are You Being Served?, L.N.W. Conan O'Brien,
The Daily Show, Farscape

Actors(tresses),Comedians and General Personalities:
Carl Reiner, Jennifer Tilly, Mos Def, Terence Stamp
Henry Rollins, Bai Ling, Lewis Black,Willem Dafoe
Alan Cumming, Michael Caine, Sean Connery,
Maggie Smith, Elaine Stritch, Bruce & Brandon Lee,
Rowan Atkinson, Gene Hackman, Jackie Chan,Ben Kingsley,
Spaulding Gray, Sonny Chiba, Ron Jeremy (Hey, he's a Funny guy)
William H. Macy, Margaret Cho, Eric Bana
Andre Braugher, Jet Li, Patrick Stewart,Vincent D'Onofrio
Sam Rockwell, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen,George Carlin,
, David Cross,Steve Buscemi, Gene Hackman
Peter Boyle, Grover, Jennifer Jason Leigh
Gina Gershon, Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn,Eddie Izzard
Gary Cooper, Michael Rooker, Lemmon & Matthau, Miranda Richardson
Helen Mirren, Christopher Walken (I KNOW) Javier Bardem

Artists (Uh..Art): Hirschfeld, Dali, Escher,
Steinberg, Julien Schnabel, Lichtenstein, Maddocks,
Brian Froud, Warhol, Neiman, Latrec, Pollock,

Leonardo Di Caprio, Asparagus, Public Restrooms, Pat Buchanan,
Subway Banisters,UberHipsters,
Bill 'Crotchety Righty' O'Reilly ,
Tuna Salad, Stupid People,The Death Penalty
Dirty Old Men, Hairy Backs,Pop Music
David Duchovny, Celine Dion, Heroin Chic,
Fanatic Chastising Nitpicking Modern Feminists who have Lost Sight of the True Purpose of Feminism 
Patchouli Bathers, Trent 'FuckNut' Lot
The Trendy-Breastless, the sexually inhibited,
StinkyFolk,John Ashcroft,
1010321220345900 Commercials,
Goldfish, Rosie O' Donnell, MUFFINS
Starr "Animal Hating Fatass" Jones
Paris Hilton and her Universe of Irrelivance
Faux Lesbionic Shenanigans
Fertility Drug-Decatuplets, The Religious Right,
The UnTweezed, Stay-Put Lipstick,
Days When My Eyebrows Don't Match
Days When I Don't Have Eyebrows
Crinkly Green Women Who Are Mean
The Snotty People in Soup Commercials
Post Dinner Panza, PRETZELS
The inexplicable national urgency for Jlo news
The existence of a $10,340.00 Balenciaga shirt
The Orange Men and Women of Tinybuttville
DayRuiner couples
Being Closer to 30 than 20
Anyone who owns a piece of two million dollar 'bling'
UberGoombas with no sleeves
Multi-Directional Boob Days
Having to Repeat Myself
People Who Don't Appreciate Their Lives
People Who Need Bras and Don't Wear Them
The Evil Elves That Make Me Look Bad in Pictures
Liplessellenieuglychicks, Cattiness,The Bad Piece of Chicken,
The Humorless Beige Contingent
People who wont wear fur but eat meat or wont eat meat and own leather shoes...
three letters: